Backyard Pet Fence: Everything You Need to Know

Backyard Pet Fence: Everything You Need to Know

Your pets are part of the family, just like your parents and siblings. Just like the rest of us, they need their space, and for most pets, that space is the yard.

Providing your pet the room to play and run is crucial for its well-being. But, of course, you need to keep that space as safe as possible. One of the best ways to ensure that is to install a sturdy pet fence to keep playtime a stress-free experience for both you and your pet.

In this piece, we go over everything a responsible pet owner should know about a backyard pet fence.

What You Need to Consider for Your Pet Fence

When it comes to a pet fence, several fencing types can be ideal, depending on what is best suited to your needs. Aspects such as material, style, height, are all largely determines by your pet’s personality and breed, your homeowner’s association regulations, and your budget. The area you live in and the size of your home and yard are also essential aspects to consider in order to keep your pet safe from traffic and wild animals.

Your Pet’s Personality

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider is what your pet is like. You, of course, know your pet better than anyone else. So, make sure to let your fence builder and designer know whether your pet likes to leap over things or enjoys digging in the yard. In this way, your fence builder will know how high to build the fence and how deep the base of the fence needs to be buried.

Your Budget

Backyard Pet Fence: Everything You Need to Know

When making home improvements, perhaps the biggest obstacle is the cost of making said improvements. Installing a high-quality and visually appealing fence, however, is a worthy investment because it increases the value of your home. A fence adds security and privacy, both of which play a large part in boosting your home’s resale value.

Why You Should Choose a Wood Fence

A wood fence is a permanent feature of American homes. They give your house a great classic look while keeping it safe and secure. For pet owners, wood fences are the go-to option because of their beauty and sturdiness. Wood is also easily customizable to fit any needs you may have with respect to your pet’s safety.

Wood can be fashioned into a variety of styles. A picket fence offers a traditional look that many homeowners desire to this day. However, if your furry friend is small enough to fit through the slats or is something of an athlete that can make short work of a low fence, you should opt for another style.

Stockade and vertical board styles are great when it comes to pet fencing because they boost security owing to a lack of gaps between boards.

If you’re more inclined towards a spaced board style or a split rail, you should consider adding a mesh to prevent your pet from escaping. This way, you’ll maintain aesthetics and visibility without compromising on safety.

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