Fence Styles: Picking the Right One for You

Getting a fence installed around your property is one of the easiest ways to improve its curb appeal. The right fencing—including its style and size—can increase property value, keep your family and house secure, and enhance its aesthetic.

But before you get a fence installed, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Fence Styles: Picking the Right One for You

Before choosing a fence style

Your homeowner’s association may require you to comply with some rules. For example, there might be restrictions on the materials or height you want, so it’s best to check with them to make sure everything is good to go.

If you have neighbors living adjacent to your house, you should also check with them to ensure that you agree on the property boundaries.

If you don’t have neighbors or a homeowner’s association, you’re still going to need a construction permit from the city you live in. Some fence contractors will do this job for you, so you should go through the paperwork thoroughly before you sign up to ensure the permits will be sorted out.

Fence styles

The two factors that most fence buyers consider most are the installation price and ease of maintenance. Here are some low-maintenance styles you can choose for your property:

Chain link fence style

This traditional fence can last you as long as your home does. Our chain link fences are framed in cedar for a modern touch and require almost no maintenance. They might develop holes after being used for a while, but these can be patched up easily with fencing mesh.

It’s an affordable style that’s also environmentally friendly—the bulk of the fence is pure metal and can be sold to scrap dealers if you want to get a new fence; you can make money while keeping waste out of landfill sites.

Wood fences

Wood fences come in a variety of shapes and finishes. Our cedar fences are economical, durable, and ideal for houses on noisy streets since wood redirects sound. They’re inviting and add an old-world charm to your backyard or garden.

Wood fences require a bit of maintenance from time to time, but if you get a fence built with rot-resistant wood, your fence will last your property twenty to thirty years.

Fence Styles: Picking the Right One for You

Making your fence choice

The fence you select should give you the privacy you need, while also enhancing the property’s appeal. If you’re looking for a high fence that gives your yard a sense of seclusion, you might like to go for our cedar modified estate fence. If you want a fence that’s inviting, you could get a picket fence.

There are a lot more options you could consider, such as shadowbox and split-rail fences. All our fences are made with durable, hardy cedar wood.

We, at Nord Fence, employ cedar fence specialists for high-quality cedar fence installations and repairs in Bellevue, Issaquah, Mercer Island, and nearby East Side areas. If you’re looking for a reliable cedar fencing contractor, contact us.