Understanding the Types of Repair Your Fence Needs

Fences make property line divisions clear and keep your house secure and private. Moreover, if you have pets, a fence allows them to play in an open-air space, while also giving you peace of mind because you know they can’t escape.

Understanding the Types of Repair Your Fence Needs

Most businesses and homeowners understand the importance of a robust fence around their property. Over time, however, all fences undergo some type of wear and tear due to weather conditions and age.

Depending on the type of fence you had installed, you’ll have to take different steps to restore it. Here’s an overview:

Vinyl fences

Vinyl fences are known for their durable nature. Their toughness does not, however, mean that they don’t won’t need repairs eventually. A vinyl fence can develop hairline cracks due to trauma; these grow over time if they’re not repaired immediately. They can generally be fixed using a basic repair kit.

If your vinyl fence is cracking at multiple points or has started to come unattached, you should contact a fence specialist.

Screen porches

This type of fence is delicate, and needs repairs often. Since they’re typically used all-year-round in warmer regions, they’re prone to rips and tears.

Small tears and rips are easy to repair, but if an entire section is damaged, it would be best to contact a specialist to replace the screen entirely.

Chain link fences

The bulk of a chain link fence is made of metal; over time, the cross-linked wires may rust and disintegrate, creating holes in the middle of the fence. If you live in an especially humid climate, it’s best to have a fence cleaning routine in place to prevent rust from building up.

The wires can sometimes loosen as well, but can easily be tightened by a fence specialist. If a part of your chain link is impaired, the meshing can come undone. This will warrant more extensive repairs.

Understanding the Types of Repair Your Fence Needs

Wood fences

Wood fences—especially those made of hardwoods like cedar—are durable, hardy, and can redirect sound, thereby affording your property some seclusion and quietness.

Wood fences do require a bit of maintenance, since they can experience mildew and mold growth that’s propagated by humidity and rain. Make sure that the wood used to construct your fence is resistant to rot, so the part of the fence that’s underground doesn’t undergo damage that results in you having to replace your entire fence.

We, at Nord Fence, employ cedar fence specialists for high-quality cedar fence repairs and installations in a variety of styles in Snoqualmie, Mercer Island, Sammamish, and nearby East Side areas. If you’re looking for a reliable cedar fencing builder, contact us.